PESTGO is an inert Bird Deterrent Gel suitable for preventing the colonization of most types of birds like feral pigeons, starlings, sparrows, crows, etc.


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Aids in faster recovery from illness

Non-Toxic and harmless to humans, birds and the environment.

Aids in faster recovery from illness

Can with stand temperatures from -30 to 120 degrees.

Aids in faster recovery from illness

It is Completely Non � Corrosive

Aids in faster recovery from illness

Water Resistant and in fact is a good Water Proofing Agent

Aids in faster recovery from illness

Durable and long lasting!

PESTGO is an inert Bird Deterrent Gel suitable for preventing the colonization of most types of birds like feral pigeons, starlings, sparrows etc. PESTGO has particular value in pharmaceutical and chemical plants, food processing factories, airports, aircraft maintenance areas, sensitive defence establishments, ports and railway establishments, hotels and electronic industries, where bird droppings can cause untold damage.


Trust Leading Birds Gel Manufacturer in India for ending the bird menace

Birds and bird droppings cause extensive damage to the property, raw materials, and finished goods. Bird droppings can also significantly harm the exterior surfaces of bungalows, buildings, offices, and even vehicles. What’s more, birds and their excreta are attributed to more than sixty diseases including allergies and infections.

End the nuisance and health hazards due to birds and bird droppings with the most effective, inert, and user-friendly Bird Spikes that makes the habitat inhospitable for them. Pest Go is designed to repel birds without inflicting any harm to them and is brought to you by a top Bird Gel manufacturer India.

Pest Go gel is aimed at preventing the colonization of the commonest species birds including pigeons, sparrows, crows, and starlings to name a few. Application of PestGo Pigeon Deterrent Ultrasonic results in birds deserting any given habitat even if the same has been frequented by birds for a long period.

Safe and effective pigeon repellent gel deters all common birds

The gel works as a powerful bird repellent by impacting the ability of birds to smell, touch and see a particular surface. Pest Go bird gel can be easily applied on a wide variety of surfaces including balconies, terraces, parapets, beams, windows, air-conditioning systems, and any other place that serves as a perching place for common birds. Colorless and non-corrosive Pest Go gel can continue to exert its bird repellent action in all types of climatic conditions and remains unaffected by extreme temperatures conditions. The gel is totally harmless to human beings as well as the environment.

Pigeon repellent gel is an assured, safe, and convenient way of blocking all activities of birds such as perching, resting, and breeding. Wide spectrum of applications of Bird Repellent Suppliers in India helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene around residential and commercial areas such as societies, colonies, bungalows, offices, hotels, banks, and warehouses among others. Pest Go has also been successfully used in industrial applications including pharma, automobile, engineering, shipping, and so forth.